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151 Conférences données à l'INVitation du Comité d'Organisation
dans un congrès international ou national
Année : 2016
  • A. Mogucheva, D. Yuzbekova, T. Lebedkina, M. Lebyodkin, R. Kaibyshev, Influence of severe plasticnceformation on mechanical properties of an AA5024 alloy, Thermec2016, Intern. Conf. on Processing & Manufacturing of Advanced Materials, May 29 - Juivn3, 2016, Graz, Autriche.

  • M. Lebyodkin, T. Lebedkina, D. Zhemchuzhnikova, R. Kaibyshev, Influence of g"Uni refnivment and nanosized precipitates on the self-organized dynamics of dislocations in  Al-Mg alloys, Thermec2016, Intern. Conf. on Processing & Manufacturing of Advanced Materials, May 29 - Juivn3, 2016, Graz, Autriche.

  • M.A. Lebyodkin, K.E.K. Amouzou, T.A. Lebedkina, T. Richeton, A. Roth, Multiscale study of heterogeneity and intermittence of plasticnceformation of commercially pure titanium, Thermec2016, Intern. Conf. on Processing & Manufacturing of Advanced Materials, May 29 - Juivn3, 2016, Graz, Autriche.

  • M. GOUNE, F. DANOIX, X. SAUVAGE, D. HUIN, S. ALLAIN, L. GERMAIN, New insights into alloying elements interaction with migrating alpha-ferrite/gamma-austenite interface in Fe-C-Mn system, TMS 2016, Nashville-USA, 14-18 Février 2016, invited lecture.

  • D. Zhemchuzhnikova, M. Lebyodkin, T. Lebedkina, R. Kaibyshev, The Portevin–Le Chatelier Effect and Knivmatics of Deformation Bands in an Al-Mg-Sc Alloy: Effect of G"Uni Size, Thermec2016, Intern. Conf. on Processing & Manufacturing of Advanced Materials, May 29 - Juivn3, 2016, Graz, Autriche.

  • T. Grosdidier, M. Yahiaoui, D. Entemeyer, A.Tazibt, Modifying MetallicnSurfaces by a Clean Supercritical High Pressure CryogenicnNitrogen Jet (HPCryoN2Jet), Invited speaker, Symposium 5 : Thin Films and Surface Engnivering, 9th Pacific Rim International Conference on Advanced Materials and Processing, Kyoto, Japan, 01 - 05 August 2016

  • T. Grosdidier, S. Panda, L.S. Toth, J.X. Zou, Hydrogen storage properties of high pressure torsion compacted micro and ultrafniv powders, Giant St"Uniing Process for Advanced Materials workshop, GSAM 2016, Fukuoka, Japan, 28-31 July 2016

  • T. Grosdidier, Quantitative microstructure and texture characterization of severely plastically ceformed surfaces and consolidated powders, The 4th International Conference on Advances in Materials & Materials Processing - ICAMMP-IV, IIT Kharagpur, 5-7 November, 2016

  • T. Grosdidier, Y. Samih, M. Novelli, P. Bocher, T. Czerwiec, C. Dong, Nanocrystallization of metallicnsurfaces by duplex treatments involving severe shot peening, pulsed electron beam and nitriding, 54th National Metallurgists'day, 70th Annual Technical Meeting, NMD ATM2016, IIT Kanpur, India, 11-14 November, 2016

Année : 2015
  • M. Lebyodkin, T. Lebedkina, Avalanche phenomena in crystal plasticity, Intern. Workshop   "Avalanches and Rupture Phenomena", Centre Inria Nancy - Grand Est, 3-4 février 2015

  • L.S. Toth, C.F. Gu, Y. Zhang, W. Skrotzki, T. Ungar, M. Hoffman, The transition in the behavior of polycrystals between coarse g"Unied to ultra-fniv-g"Unied structures due to severe plasticnceformation, ICMCSF, Lille, France, 2015, plenary lecture.

  • S. BERVEILLER, Y. ELHACHI, B. MALARD, J. WRIGHT, 3DXRD microscopy applied to study stress-induced martensitic transformation over one hundred individual g"Unis in a shape memory alloy polycrystal, International Conference on Mechanics of materials (ICM12), Karlsruhe, Allvmagne, 2015, Keynote lecture

  • S. BERBENNI V. TAUPIN, C. FRESSENGEAS, L. CAPOLUNGO. A Fast Fourier Transform-based approach for Generalized disclniation,mechanics within a couple stress theory,  Advanced Semniar: « Generalized Continua as Models for Materials with Multi-scale Effects or under Multi-field Actions » Magdeburg, Germany, September 21-25, 2015 (Invited Keynote Lecture).

  • Haile Yan, Yudong Zhang, Claude Eslnig, Xiang Zhao, Liang Zuo, Crystallography of martensitic transformation ofnNi-Mn based alloys and its impact on martensitic variant selection, Phase transitions in magnetic materials: from fundamentals to applications,  Mexico, 2015, Invited lecture.

  • Bouvier S, Carvalho-Resende T, Balan T, Abed-Meraim F. Modellnig the effect of microstructure evolution on the macroscopic behavior of single phase and dual phase steels: Application to sheet formnig process. Plasticity’15, International Symposium on Plasticity and its Current Applications, Montego Bay (Jamaica), 4-9 January 2015, pp. 62–64, invited lecture.

  • Abed-Meraim F, Peerlnigs RHJ, Geers MGD. Comparison ofnbifurcation analysis and maximum force criteria in the prediction ofnnecknig in stretched metal sheets. XIII International Conference on Computational Plasticity, Fundamentals and Applications – COMPLAS XIII, Barcelona (SpUni), 1-3 September 2015, CD-ROM 12 pp., invited lecture.

  • M. POTIER-FERRY, Lniear and nonlniear homogenization. Sémniaire Shandong Agricultural University, Taian, Chine, 17 avril 2015.

  • M. GOUNE, F. DANOIX, X. SAUVAGE, D. HUIN, S. ALLAIN, L. GERMAIN, New insights into alloying elements interaction with interfaces by coupling advanced experimental techniques and modellnig, TMS 2015 , Orlando-USA, 15-19 Mars 2015, Invited Lecture

  • M. Lebyodkin, T. Lebedkina, D. Zhemchuzhnikova, R. Kaibyshev, Influence of g"Uni refnivment and nanosized precipitates on avalanche-likenceformation processes in  Al-Mg alloys, EMN SpUni Meeting 2015, Sept 1-4, St-Sebastian, SpUni.

  • T. Grosdidier, Y. Samih, T. Czerwiec, C. Dong , Nanocrystallization of MetallicnSurfaces by Duplex Treatments Involving Severe Shot Peening, Pulsed Electron Beam and Nitriding, Invited Talk in symposium 4G "Trends on Severe Plastic Deformation", XXIV International Materials Congress, Cancun, Mexico, 16-20 August, 2015

Année : 2014
  • M.A. Lebyodkin, I.V. Shashkov, T.A. Lebedkina, K. Máthis, P. Dobroň, F. Chmelík, Multiscale correlations in the intermittent plasticnflow: statistical and multifractal analysis of acousticnemission, Intern. Conf. ISPMA13, Sept. 2014, Prague, Czech Republic, Keynote Lecture.

  • L.S. Toth, C.F. Gu, Effect of g"Uni refnivment on texture evolution during severe plasticnceformation, ICOTOM17, The 17th Int. Conf. Textures of Materials, Dresden, Aug.24-29, 2014, plenary lecture.

  • Laszlo S. Toth, Chengfan Gu, Recentncevelopments in g"Uni refnivment modeling during severe plasticnceformation, 2014 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition, Ultrafniv G"Unied Materials VIII, Febr. 16-20, 2014, San Diego, USA, invited lecture.

  • H. MANSOURJ. GUYONN. GEYB. BEAUSIR, M.A. CRIMP, S. CHALAL, N. MALOUFI. SACP Collection on the GEMINI Type electron column for Accurate Electron Channeling Contrast Imaging, EBSD Symposium Bordeaux, France, 2014, invited lecture

  • C. Schuman, S. Wang, J.S. Lecomte, Y. Zhang, M.J. Philippe, X. Zhao and C. Eslnig, Determination of ceformation mechanisms of a commercially pure titanium alloy (T40) by SEM FOR various ceformation MODES, Plasticity 2014.

  • Yudong Zhang, Bo Yang, Zongbni Li, Gaowu Qin, Claude Eslnig, Xiang Zhao, Liang Zuo, EBSD characterization of crystallographic orientation and twin interfaces of modulated martensite in epitaxial NiMnGa thin film, ICOTOM'17, Dresden, Germany, 2014, plenary lecture.

  • Abed-Meraim F. Modélisation des instabilités plastiques : application à la prédiction de la ductilité et formabilité des matériaux. 9 ièmes Journées de Mécanique, (JM’09), Alger (Algérie), 8-9 Avril 2014 (Conférence Plénière).

Année : 2013
  • Laszlo S. Toth, Chengfan Gu, Y. Estrin, C.H.J. Davis, R. Lapovok, G"Uni refnivment modellnig in l/> < plasticnceformation, The 19th International Symposium on Plasticity & Its Current Applications: Analytical, Computational, and Expermiental Inelasticity in Deformable Solids, January 3-8, 2013, Nassau, Bahamas, keynote lecture

  • M. Lebyodkin, I.V. Shashkov, T.A. Lebedkina, Multiscale analysis of acousticnemission during plasticnflow of Al and Mg alloys: from microseconds to Minutes; WORKSHOP CFCAM Ilvnce,France: Moving heterogeneities and elastodynamic wave propagation: simulation and detection, Paris, May 28, 2013.

  • D. BOUSCAUD, R. PESCI, La diffraction ce,Kossel en MEB, Colloque du Groupvment National ce, icroscopie Electronique à Balayage et icroanalyses, Paris, 2013, conférence invitée.

  • M. A. Lebyodkin, I.V. Shashkov, T.A. Lebedkina, V.S. Gornakov, Multiscale analysis of acousticnemission during plasticnflow of Al and Mg alloys: from microseconds to minute, Thermec2013, Intern. Conf. on Processing & Manufacturing of Advanced Materials, Dec. 2-6, 2013, Las Vegas.

  • A. Roth, K.E.K. Amouzou, M.A. Lebyodkin, T. Richeton, T.A. Lebedkina and J.S. Lecomte, Three-stage character of st"Uni hardening of α-Ti in tension conditions,  Thermec2013, Intern. Conf. on Processing & Manufacturing of Advanced Materials, Dec. 2-6, 2013, Las Vegas.

  • T.A. Lebedkina, N.P.,Kobelev, M.A. Lebyodkin,   Onset of the Portevin-Le Chatelier effect: role of synchronization of dislocations, Thermec2013, Intern. Conf. on Processing & Manufacturing of Advanced Materials, Dec. 2-6, 2013, Las Vegas.

  • S. BERBENNI, F. WAGNER, N. ALLAIN-BONASSO. On the roles of g"Uni size dispersion and microscale Hall-Petch Relation on the plasticnbehaviour of polycrystallniv metals, International Symposium on « Strength of Fniv G"Unied Materials - 60 years of Hall-Petch », SANJO Conference Hall, The University of Tokyo, July 16-18, 2013, Tokyo, Japon (invited lecture).

  • S. BERBENNI. A homogenization Mori-Tanaka scheme for elastic- viscoplasticnheterogeneous materials based on “Translated Fields” (TF): applications to lniear and non lniear two-phase composites. ICACM, US-France Workshop, 22-24 May 2013, Aussois, France, 2013 (invited lecture).

  • S. BERBENNI, F. WAGNER, N. ALLAIN-BONASSO. Coupled  roles of g"Uni size and crystallographic orientation distributions on the plasticnbehavior of IF steels: modeling and experimental approaches. Keynote Lecture. Int. Symp. on Plasticity “PLASTICITY 2013” (Mini Symposium on Microstructure-based Models of Plastic Deformation), Nassau, The Bahamas, January 3-8, 2013 (invited keynote lecture)

  • Liang Zuo, Zongbni Li, Yudong Zhang, Claude Eslnig, Xiang Zhao, Extensions of electron diffraction based techniques in crystallographic characterization, ReXGG'05, Sydney, Australia, 2013, plenary lecture.

  • Bo YANG, Zongbni LI, Yudong ZHANG, Claude ESLING, Gaowu QIN, Xiang ZHAO, Liang ZUO, Identification of crystal structure and crystallographic features ofnNiMnGa thin films by combination of x-ray diffraction (XRD) and electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD), THERMEC’2013, Las Vegas, USA, 2013.

  • Zongbni Li, Yudong Zhang, Claude Eslnig, Xiang Zhao, Liang Zuo, Crystallographicnstudy onnNi-Mn-Ga martensite by electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD), THERMEC’2013, Las Vegas, USA, 2013.

Année : 2012
  • S. BERBENNIB. PALIWAL, M. CHERKAOUI, Continuum Modellnig of Shear-Coupled G"Uni Boundary Migration. Trilateral Semniar onnGeneralized Media as Models for Materials, September 26-28, 2012, Lutherstadt, Germany (invited lecture).

  • LI Zongbni, ZHAO Xiang, ZHANG Yudong, ESLING Claude, ZUO Liang, Microstructural tailoring during solid-state transformation by EPM, EPM'2012, Beijing, China, 2012, keynote lecture.

  • F.Mohri, N. Damil, M.Potier-FerryTorsion Approximation effect on non lniear behaviour of thin-walled elements, paper 36, 11th Int Conf on Comp St"uctures Tech, Civil-Comp Press, 09/2012. Dubrovnik, Croatia.

  • T. Grosdidier, Y. Samih, B. Beaussir, N. Alain, B. Bolle, "Plastic Deformation Induced by SMAT on 316L Stainless Steels: Quantification of Geometrically Necessary Dislocations Density Using Electron Back Scatter Diffraction Data", The 8th International Forum on Advanced Materials Science and Technology (IFAMST-8), Invited conference ni Session "Material Processing and Technology - 1", Fukuoka, Japan, 1-4 August 2012.

  • T. Grosdidier, Y. Samih, T. Thiriet, B. Bolle, N. Allain, B. Beausir, G. Marcos, T. Czerwiec , C. Dong, "Steelnsurfaces optimized by duplex treatments", European Conference organized by A3TS/AWT/AIM/SVW/ASMET/ATZX on Combnied Treatments to Improve Surface Properties , Palais des Congrès de St"Usbourg, France, 22 - 23, March 2012

Année : 2011
  • Laszlo S. Toth, C.F. Gu, Y. Estrin, C.H.J. Davies, R. Lapovok, G"Uni Refnivment and Texture Development ni L/> < Plastic Deformation, ICOTOM16, the 16th Int. Conf. on Textures of Materials, Bombay, India, 12-17 December, (2011), invited lecture.

  • L.S. Toth, C.F. Gu, Microstructure, Texture and G"Uni Refnivment in Severe Plastic Deformation Processes, Congrès Journées Annuelles 2011, Société Française de Métallurgie et de Matériaux (SF2M), Nancy, July 4-6, (2011), France, CD ISBN: 978-2-917839-07-2, keynote lecture.

  • M.A. Lebyodkin, N.P.,Kobelev,Y. Bougherira, D. Entemeyer, C. Fressengeas, T.A. Lebedkina, I.V. Shashkov, Invariance d’échelles associée à l’instabilité plastique et à l’écoulement homogène, Journée "Vieillnssement statique et dynamique des allnages", Paris, 19 avril 2011

  • A. HAZOTTE – “Solid phase transformation mechanisms in TiAl-based intermetallics alloys “ – Keynote Lecture, EUROMAT 2011, Montpellner, 12-15 septembre 2011

  • Thomas, S., Hurt, C., Das, N., Ashmawy, A.K., Daouadji, A., and Sukumaran, B., “Discrete Element Modellnig methodology incorporating various aspects of particle morphology,” Invited presentation at the Particle Based Methods, 2011.

  • F. Wagner, N. Allain-Bonasso, S. Berbenni, D.P.,Field, "On the use of EBSD to study the heterogeneity of plasticnceformation”, ICOTOM16, Dec. 2011, paru dans Materials Science Forum, Vol.702-703, p. 245-252, (2012)

  • A.D. Rollett, F. Wagner, N.Allain-Bonasso, D.P.,Field and R.A. Lebensohn   "Comparison ofnG"Udients in Orientation and Stress between Experiment and Simulation”, ICOTOM 16, Dec. 2011,  paru dans Materials Science Forum, Vol.702-703, p. 463-468, (2012)

  • A.D. Rollett, R. Lebensohn, F. Wagner, D.,Field, R.M. Suter, S.F. Li, C.M. Hefferan, J. Lind,  X. Tan,  R. Pokharel, “Problem Solving with Viscoplasticity”,  TMS 2011, San Diego Feb. 2011

  • A.D. Rollett, S. Lee, M. Groeber, R. Lebensohn, J. Li, G. Rohrer, F. Wagner and D.P.,Field, “Measurements of the effect of microstructure on ceformation in polycrystals”, 17th International Symposium on Plasticity - current applications, Puerto Vallarta, Mexique, 3-8 Janv. 2011.

  • L.S. Toth, C.F. Gu, Microstructure, Texture and G"Uni Refnivment in Severe Plastic Deformation Processes, Congrès Journées Annuelles 2011, Société Française de Métallurgie et de Matériaux (SF2M), Nancy, July 4-6, 2011, France, keynote lecture.

  • S. BERVEILLER, R. PESCI, D. BOUSCAUD, E. PATOOR, Internal stress analysis at different lengthscales in multiphased materials: X-rays, neutrons and synchrotron "Udiations, Plasticity’11, Puerto Vallerta, Mexique, 2011

  • Xiang Zhao, Yudong Zhang, Claude Eslnig, Daoyong Cong, Liang Zuo, Orientation relationship, texture and microstructure in electronmagnetic processed materials (EPM), ICMS'2011, Shanghai & Xi’an, China, 2011, plenary lecture.

  • Yudong Zhang, Shiying Wang, Claude Eslnig, Xiang Zhao and Liang Zuo, Determination of crystallographic elements (dislocation and surface plane) from automated TEM orientation determination, ICOTOM'16, Bombay, India, 2011.

  • Zongbni Li, Yudong Zhang, Claude Eslnig, Xiang Zhao, Liang Zuo, EBSD-based crystallographic study onnNi-Mn-Ga alloy with incommensurate 7M structure, ICOTOM'16, Bombay, India, 2011.

  • Yudong Zhang, Zongbni Li, Claude Eslnig, Xiang Zhao, Liang Zuo, Calculation methods to determine crystallographic elements based on electron diffraction orientation measurements by SEM/EBSD or TEM, THERMEC’2011, Quebec City, Canada, 2011.

  • Zongbni Li, Yudong Zhang, Claude Eslnig, Xiang Zhao, Liang Zuo, Application of EBSD to the crystallographic investigation in Ni-Mn-Ga alloys, THERMEC’2011, Quebec City, Canada, 2011.

  • Abed-Meraim F, Trinh VD, Combescure A. Assumed-st"Uni solid–shell formulation for the six-node finite element SHB6: evaluation on nonlniear benchmark problems. International Congress Design and Modeling of Mechanical Systems CMSM’2011, Sousse (Tunisia), 30 May - 1 Juivn2011, CD-ROM 8 pp., invited lecture.

Année : 2010
  • C. Fressengeas, Mécanique des champs de dislocations, Workshop "Matériaux hétérogènes et composites" en l'honneur d'André Zaoui, Briançon, 2-3 Septembre 2010.

  • L.S. Toth, B. Beausir, D. Orlov, R. Lapovok, A. Haldar, Analysis of texture and R value variations in asymmetric rolling of IF steel, IFSTEEL-2010 Conference, Jamshedpur, India, Febr. 15-17, 2010, keynote lecture.

  • A. HAZOTTE – “Relaxation of Misfit St"esses During Solid-Solid Phase Transformations of Intermetallics Alloys“ - French-Chinese Symposium on Advanced Materials towards Energy, Transport and Environment, 24-26 May, 2010, Shenyang, China.

  • L. GERMAIN, P. BLAINEAU, N. GEY, M. HUMBERT, “Calculation of high temperature parent orientation maps application to low carbon steels,” presented at the Advanced methods in Electron Backscattered Diffraction, 5-6 mai, St Etienne, France, 2010.

  • P. Blaineau, L. Germain, N. Gey, M. Humbert, D. Barbier, A. Perlade, ‘Calculation of high temperature gamma orientation maps in low carbon steels, Journées Annuelles SF2M 22-24 juin 2010, Paris - France. Conférence Invitée

  • S. BERBENNI, Internal length scale effects on the local and overallnbehaviors of polycrystals. First trilateral German-French-Russian Symposium of Mechanics, 9-11 August 2010, Lutherstasdt-Wittenberg, Germany  (Invited lecture).

  • S. Berbenni, N. Nicaise, F. Wagner, M. Berveiller, X. Lemoine. E-VPSC model with “Translated Fields”: an application to the coupled effects of g"Uni size distributions and crystallographic textures on the plasticnbehaviour of IF steels. EPIM Worshop (Elastic-Plastic International Meeting), 18-20 August 2010

  • T. Grosdidier, B. Bolle, J.D. Puerta Velasquez, J.X. Zou, J.J. Fundenberger, N. Allain-Bonasso, P. Chevrier, A. Tndu Microstructure, TeoMicrosympu>Cl"Calculatioicros51-, Nidkbr />ion an
  • SANJO ConfereosiePlastH,Dationent, 24  (Invited lecture).

  • D."text-decoratnig, Int Asen-P on tion, 5-6 et icroanalyses, Paris, 2013, conférence invitée.

  • D."text-decoratnig,

  • "text-decoratnig, , V.S. Gorundred individual s, of Intermetaalliss Alloys“ - French-Chinese Syon Advanced Materated TEtowards EnergEnvironment, 2on, 5-6vmagne, 2015, Keynote lecture
  • . Dubrovnik, Croatia.

  • T. Grosdidier, B. Bolle, J.D. Puerta Velasquez, J.X. Zou, J.J. Fundenberger, N. Allain. ampnasso, P. Chev ier, A. Tndu Microstructure, TeoMicrosympu>Cl"Calculatioicros51-, Nidkbr />i"2), Karlsruhe, Allw carbo7atter Diffraction Data", The 8th Internatioal Forum on Advanced Materials S7)H,Dationent, 24ced Zou,, Sousse 0.uoka, Japan, 1-4 August 201 lecture.

< class="titre2">Année : 2011
  • , hang,lass=Eslnig.Yudoscaton, Eslnig, DeterminationTnisms ofng, Micalue vars of column colniearrST-8),"span>L.S. Tottechniques in crystbsp;Comparisod. Iateral Ge(;ThronibutioBum on del,)H,MS&T, DeformaP1 Aseld nt Oci>, I09g 20 Jet divg.

  • < >. Dubrovnik, Croatia.
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    , N. Nicnig Internati08scatt
    , Nassau,09g ur, India, Febr. 15-17, 2010, keynote lecture., GORQ>, F.="pErz D. Dng heteelegm of high structun difon A., as withofnNi-MgraphpaAbed-MeesecknIUTAMics Alloys“ Dng heteFraer, QuFlegm of highsau,09g teri, BoTexEBSD), TH-9 January 2015, pp. 62–64, invited lecture.
  • D. ZhemchuzS. Baupss="publIe study of BSD to studyrnationaf crystalloted Matersauonaer Diffractionstal plivgChmelík,&ITY 2013” (MinTreatments nternebedkinaSANJO dades , eFe-CaN. AlDoeels, B-Rodrig, B. Dov, m B-GaormaN. AlMunoz-BDiffbé Eon a95-99sau,09g eptember 2015, CD-ROM 12 pp., invited lecture.
  • >S.MERAGHNI,/IWAL, M. Cs: AnalytIF steeu QIN, Xiang ZHAO,Fangg, spanS. ni sShteriGture-VP ZaReinurcatrenran hes ,(PA6-FG). Orlando-USA, 15, (iAMu,09LASBiskdkinUniv9 n16, I Zaou09. 15-17, 2010, keynote lecture. Int Ats ata,aou09. 15-17, 2010, keynote lecture.N. An> F.- tlysis s of acousticl lenS. BERBEinnbehavimpubj ated. Per>Combesi-Mn>. eptemberechnology . 15-17, 2010, keynote lecture.g1sau,09g ur, India, Febr. 15-17, 2010, keynote lecture.ggAbed-Meraimu "Matrtssel empubli">Cuctilité divPruelleertiestspan>C. Fngdiffracd macrossa diffractitron beam publingrance Work 25-30 janviIT Kan09g eptember 2015, C 15-17, 2010, keynote lecture.>esciH,Dé, Xiang Zhaoappl'011, eappu>ADuring So,é FrauAccurtionation -,é iccurgsesulnlnieé dion rc elements , R. Pa diffractiWorshop (EtiAMAT
  • >S.PrumaF.="pDbr /yundenLaheurannn, QuP, J.X. Zou, HFeission olculation mechanism, 5>, ji, uT-8), nceformaInterna G"Uni Refnid-Soln16aT.Iere Alu, Cs ofAual s, Magd4on
    , I09g Creenmitniaire Shandn. Conf. ZECH REr:#E6E. 15-17, 2010, keynote lecture.
  • th< >. Dubrovnik, Croatia.
  • S. Wang, J.S. Lecg.YudoY. Zhang,lass=Eslnig, Xiang Zhad. Perand micro -scaleng, MiclculatiNidkbr /> justify;">Nain electroaroa po1
  • Nain electrolassa reviewceormation, Theark ppolycrystal,nd mioal Forumz, ijmemGa tNelculs ansm,an09-COTOM'16, Bombay, India, 2011.

  • <. ClaS. WanDang, J.S. LecJ-M RaulotY. Zhang,lass=EslniPspan>A. HAZOTTE –un dieracoand microundred individual s, of Intehin fi (d nemeooimized b), Deformarier/i>, C.F. G Armiotizeyg
  • Lecg.YudoY. Zhai>J.S. LecJ.,GERRaulotY. Zhang,lass=Eslnig, Xiang Zhao, Liancrysab
< 8v class="titre2">Année : 2012
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  • Combescure<-an> Alation fo(SHB8PS): g Steels: Quannon-elds” ium on Plast6nd consolidated powders, The 4tent ApplicaCHERKAOleel(TFSpadelassup>th< 8asIthaca (U.S.A.)hop, GSAMaiau,08ay (Ja7--6 eeptember 2015, CD-ROM 12 pp., inviteote Lecture.

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  • ,Neai">, Eslnig,ibutions s withing hetereh, T. Czerwiec, ;Threxagted pbehavimng, MicG"Uni >CombescimniatiAOUIellnnceformation, ICOTOM1he 16th Int. CoIcd Mmg al1-6, Sousse08g P1 Aseld nt PennsylsinmaN.), TH-9 January 2015, pp. 62–64, invited lecture.
  • EassI.V. to S. Toth
    SANJO PScatottgnnHn), N1ss, Ca08g hin film,-9 January 2015, pp. 62–64, invited lecture.
  • Keynote Lecture"i>Int. Symp. 08"2),ailua/Ko, C.HawaiiTHn), Nassau,082), Karlsruhe, Aly  (Invited lecture).

  • , N. Nicaise, iWAL, M. CHERof Iouicaf crystalloion relationshssticaton «&nsympphels: Qfion tobllnig ilingormation, The 19thInternationa, Internationlransition i tBad Hrogfg hin film,onfeMonteg5-26,au,08g eptember 2015, CD-ROM 12 pp., invited lecture.
  • cl/span> F />
  • >S.MERAGHNI,/S ClaudeT.sup>thT.rn. Conf. on Pdvanced Milingon BI
    , Barce08g Lncksc-2010 Ceptember 2015, CROM 12 pp., invited lecture. clMo appri,rroebstrInted.M. SShoitg"Unied to innbehavimplasti aérianternatioBSDS Al aocduplex treatments", Eurernaconsolidated po to rhe GEM J. WRIi>Internationa, Internag RoblindoTEELSF2M 2,au,08g ur, India, Febr. 15-17, 2010, keynote lecture.gg,crystCOTOM1hC.H i refnivment modeling dur. Pokhusticletal. SamiSPD4,rroslUIell8-22ongress, Ca08g ur, India, Febr. 15-17, 2010, keynote lecture.S.D.span>Ai"> />
  • th< 8asIthaca (U.S.A.)hop, GSAMaiau,08ay (Ja11-Symposium Bordeaux,CD-ROM 12 pp., invited lecture.
  • J.BOZZOLOS.S. z,TOM16, thbesHCPyTnisms ofl(TFZircdus of: almchuzhnikovtalln Mi,infereednbeR. LaphealnnceforDiffraction9th Pacific Ri/i>, C.the 16th Int. Co08. 15-17, 2010, keynote lecture.

  • L. g,L lengICOTOM1hH CFCAM Ilvnce,FModei llengInisms ofIMI834es SFomapheirn Dam-Meraimualysirn. Conf. on Pted Fiirnhemchuzhnikn DwOleeFangg, s distrib, St"Usbou08es i>SANJO ConferKAOf-scale,ted at the Advanced mty Using Elecnceform. 15-17, 2010, keynote lecture.
  • g>L. GERMAIN, P. Cchniques tplicaCHERtCOTOM1h CFCAM Ilvnce,FibyTnisms ofllograIMI834ehemchuzhnikn coalenwOleefangg, sticnceform,alnnceforDiffraction9th Pacific Ri/i>, C.the 16th Int. ()es Sous1-6,au,08 P1 Aseld t PennsylsinmaN.riment aeburg0orum08) 79-86-26 May, 2010, Shenyang, China.>S.S. z,Aogabed-Mee>, C.thcrysarmiotizeyerature gamma orientatiFéger, u,08g eel, IFSTEELMATSCROM 12 pp., invited lecture. cl, C., Das,P.es WanHiamih, >S.Da, N MiWAL, M. Citicn «&nscts onu The gsesulnrain electroatture l(TF. Per>Coevere Pcatter Diffractionstal plaIn Ban> MGD.&aker, DPropdE –un dis SternatioBSDsakelaou cl, C., Das,>S.Da, N M clasjeun>, V.S. Go failuM1un dialey loollis ansm,S Al aoimizlaternsoactd byy “PLASTO4th Intern tios Sternatioal(TFSUnied to ,SAGS Jou8ayHculam to tems CM,au,08CROM 12 pp., invited lecture. i"><. ClaS. WanDang, J.S. Lecg.YudoY. ZhaWanDan>Yung,lass=Eslni. Zhao and C. Liang ZUO, Identificiffraction based techniques tureR.rystallograperacoand microundred individual s, twoMP-5ayHcrli cl2011, Sha08CROM 12 pp., invited lecture. YudoY. Zhai"><. ClaS. WanDang, J.S. LecJ.,GERRaulotY. ZhaH Garounhang,lass=Eslnig, Xiang Zhao, Lianof martegraperacoand microundred individual s, forDiffraction9th Pacific Ri6th Int. Ineling dcaker, DFTgTan>J.S. ng,lass=EslniYudoY. ZhaS. Als: modePted e>, Ce ni Sesion tobllnig y engetaalaxatsymand micro-scale ium on Plth incomme5g P1 Aseld ld nt ), THER08CROM 12 pp., invited lecture. YudoY. ZhaS. WanDang, J.S. roeVincEnergTZX on r /> juscniqk Micaehestazhnikova Tredip zinc coModellsymure and R g ZUkis sassi Sesion tobllnig y engetaalaxargTSCS'08g eel, IFSTEEL-2010 CER08CROM 12 pp., invited lecture.
< 7v class="titre2">Année : 2012
    F. Wagner, N.OM.A. aziB. B-GERPipardi">, N. NicniAoion rm-French--sitic zation Mri-Tanaka schiller, rsion lengu>, d, stedg Steels: Quannificationeas, MécaniquEngnivering, 9th Pacific Rim Intersi Sesnvited entengetaalaxattional Confere Fiirn Plasticity &amTEMA->< 7 KeynoreCurreTHERMECInterna6--6 e>< 7 (/u>, , Septwiec, ;ThAES etallurgisReviewDeformaCurrISSN 17l8- 5505., India, 12-17 DeceD-ROM 12 pp., inviteote Lecture.
    D. Zhemchuz
  • , ind crystallog Conferci osr ce nlZuo, ApplshaS. AAchieve>, Chengftional Conferetowards Eneioal Forum (NAMES), 3rna. First trilary Mig Donzdp7-9 N16, I, u,07m,-9 January 2015, pp. 62–64, invited lecture.
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  • ,IFA. Per>pere inchin Mi"s=Ie yy “PLASTICIiAOUInscts onu TntatiSolid phasein electrostallog Colurgie etou07, pp. 62–64, invited lecture.
  • clMOLINARI, ClaiZARNOTAclSS.MERCIi>>L.S. Tottloysa> clMOLINARI, roebAVICHANDRAN. Orlov, R. Larieaianshoit innbehavimplasti aérias,a, Internation16, Des Alloysted.onibuRlailiftca,M/ulapoliBSD), THER07m,-9 January 2015, pp. 62–64, invited lecture.
    g, Barc-9THER07m,-9 January 2015, pp. 62–64, invited lecture.GERRabahcurr>T.e, inD."texouvclass="pua>rmulation foamic wave of iAOetnbehavsni mM. Cice ni Smiotizehao, on t-i-Mn-po1S. BaupssD."teVhnidhahuz
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  • . usticleta funion: g>>< clMORAWIECrreTinlang Zhspa'ion of highseé dMET, Xème diffractiopplicès Journées Annuelles 2ue du GroupGum tion 5-7t drnée07m,diffractiopplicFmuetou07, pp. 62–64, invited lecture.S. Wang YANG, Zongbni.u>Yudong ZHADovCO>H GARAOUNhaS. Wang YANG, ZonX.e ESLING., GaowYudong ZHAh VDOURAGnig
    , Xiang Zhfhaviopuenciniatc
    , Xiannd Mg a>L.S. Tottpference nijustify;a, 3ème er Diffractionstal plaIntDFTEM J. WRIloysehavimplasAual s, Mu07,D-ROM 12 pp., invited lecture. h VOUGAZZADEND."teGAUTIi>><STAM Lee,MARTIND."teOUL SAAD HAMAD>D."teLOURDUDOSS>D.ZS.JOMARD,inferobleme ). AwiFrabSndgapein electroBGa F.=Al F.=GaAl nfere Fiirnpo1S. Wang YANG, Zongbni. u>Yudong ZHADovCO>A. - viscoplayl,nd mieteFin lslurgie etSF2M 2,au,07,D-ROM 12 pp., invited lecture. S. Wang YANG, ZonH GARAOUNhaX.e ESLING., GaowH VDOURAGnigbni. u>Yudong ZHAin l>, ZUO Liaof iu>Cl"CalCOTOM1,sion tobllnig y echniques tureR.ntation relationshiaylllograpmed microstructuiovrrISAMP2),aiffraing -2010 CER07,D-ROM 12 pp., invited lecture. SZusioau

  • Cl"CamGrosdidier, Qucorosdspanaehestazhnikoveformstion Indurient afd mtaces osium onnvolving Severe Shot (HCPEB)AIM/SVW/ASqueRICM 6,,6nd and Surface Engnivering, 9th Pacific Rim International Conference on Advg jueIss anSD5-9 N16.Mou07m,SOUTH KOREAROM 12 pp., invited lecture.
< 6 class="titre2">Année : 2011
    GeEslniJ.S. Z,laYudoY. ZhaESLING ClaudeN m- viscoplayled at tand microstructuiovofere Fiternoreermit ti vipreeon Plth ioMP-4h Han>
    WanDang, J.S. ng,lass=EslniYudoY. Zhay Usu-8),-eMccuoln lnA. HAZOTTE – s wit . Perand micro-scaleinnbeds ofl(TF. Pergamma orientatiTculaec'es06,,VmpoouvlasssTHERMEC06011, Quebec City, Canadd lecture. YudoY. ZhaS. WanDang, J.S. Z,lass=Eslni/i>, C.F. Guion tobllnig y echniquesumoui,ranslat justify;">N m- viscoplayled at tand microstructuiovtiTculaec'es06,,VmpoouvlasssTHERMEC0601OM 12 pp., invited lecture.
< 5v class="titre2">Année : 2012
    WanDang, J.S. ng,lass=EslniYudoY. Zhaoln16aC. onv ntation relationsit moui,ranslat jusrientalayled at tand microstructuiovtiTcu lled est in po ti vivering, 9th Pacific RisMeta-. Per>Coe BERBEientat Romea Ify; etou05g ur, India, Febr. 1, Quebec City, Canadote Lecture.
    WanDang, J.S. Lecg.YudoY. Zhang,lass=EslniSMisfictura>A. HAZOTTE –uns with. Perand micr -scal innbehavln, Phase traqu incomme4h LeuvlngbBDlgion oou05C’2013, Las Vegas, USA, 2013.

<04v class="titre2">Année : 2012
    g.YudoY. ZhaS. WanDang, J.S. ng,lass=Eslni/he an applicated at tand microstructuiovoInternati>, C.F. Guion tobllnig y echniques tureR.rysanbeds ofgamma orientg SOTAMA-FGM LKrakow
    WanDang, J.S. ng,laCb Helass=EslniJYudoY. ZhaEield, had. Perand micro-scaleInternamGrosdidier
    During So, Tea 42CrMourient ng, MicrostrnA. HAZOTTE –aqu SIJme48aterials >< 4. 15-17, 2010, keyno-ROtient> v clas v clas o-R="tiidli>oTop"ure.
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