Scientific environment
in Metz

The scientific environment in Metz includes a large university with 17000 students (part of Université de Lorraine) and four engineering schools (Ecole Nationale d’Ingéneur de Metz, Arts et Métiers ParisTech-Metz, Electrical Engineering, and GeorgiaTech-Lorrain); total about 20000 students. 32 research laboratories are present in Metz; the largest one is LEM3. There exists also a 'Laboratory of Excellence' (without walls), recently created from the metallurgical researchers of LEM3 and those of the Jean Lamour Institute in Nancy named 'DAMAS': Design of Alloy Metals for low-mAss Structures. These two laboratories are the organizers of the NanoSPD6 conference.

Traditionally, the valley of Metz is specialized on metallurgy, mostly on steel production (axe Thionville-Metz-Nancy) with the presence of ArcelorMittal in the vicinity of Metz. The largest R&D laboratory of ArcelorMittal is 10 km from Metz; a partner in the organization of NanoSPD6. In the recent action of the French Government (called 'Initiative of Excellence') Metz has been awarded the head-quarter of a technological research centre dedicated to Material Science and Metallurgy that spreads all over the north-east of France (IRT M2P).

in LEM3

The Laboratoire d’Etude des Microstructures et de Mécanique des Matériaux (LEM3) is a center of expertise in experimental characterization and numerical modeling of mechanical behavior and structural evolution of polycrystalline and poly-phase materials that is based on relevant studies at different scales starting from the microstructure up to structural design and manufacturing processes. Severe Plastic Deformation is a priority research at LEM3 since about the year of 2000. Original SPD equipments were developed in the SPD laboratory of LEM3 including a three-axe ECAP machine with 72t capacity on each axe and a special equipment for SPD deformation of tubes (the so-called High Pressure Tube Twisting, HPTT); a process developed at our institute. About 1 M€ was or being invested in the SPD research at LEM3 (up to 2013).

The three-axes ECAP machine The new HPTT machine in the SPD laboratory of LEM3

Principal foreign collaborators of the LEM3 Laboratory in SPD research
  • W. SKROTZKI & G. GOTTSTEIN (Germany)
  • S. SUWAS (India)
  • Y. ESTRIN & R. LAPOVOK (Australia)
  • C.F. GU & C.H.J. DAVIES (Australia)
  • N. LLORCA (Spain)
  • C. DONG (China)
  • K.W. NEALE (Canada)
  • M. ZEHETBAUER (Austria)