Conference Scope
Conference scope

« NanoSPD » means Nano-material by Severe Plastic Deformation, which is an efficient way to obtain bulk nano-structured materials. During SPD, the microstructure of the material is transformed into a very fine structure consisting of ultra fine grains approaching even the nano-scale. SPD is different from classical large strain forming processes in two aspects: 1. The sample undergoes extreme large strains without significant change in its dimensions, 2. In most SPD processes high hydrostatic stress is applied which makes possible to deform difficult-to-form materials.

The NanoSPD6 conference will make assessment on the state of art of SPD research in the following main topics:
1. SPD processing and modeling: bulk and surface SPD processes, texture evolution, grain refinement, continuous session, planned for the whole week:
  • New PSD processes
  • NanosSPD in bulk and on surface
  • Texture evolution
  • Grain refinement
  • Powder consolidation by SPD
  • Role of friction
  • Modeling of processes and microstructures
2. SPD in applications: material processing, functional, structural and multifunctional properties, continuous session, planned for the whole week:
  • Metallurgical transformations
  • Superplasticity
  • Multifunctional properties
  • Structural applications
  • Functionally graded and architectured applications
3. Atomic transport processes and deformation mechanisms in UFG and nanostructures, planned for Monday-Tuesday:
  • Diffusion, grain boundary sliding
  • Grain boundary segregation
  • High energy boundaries
  • Micro-mechanics
  • GB engineering for advanced properties
4.Characterization of UFG structures, material behavior and microstructure transformation by SPD, planned for Thursday-Friday:
  • Microstructure characterization
  • Material behavior
  • Innovative characterization techniques