Metz (France)

Since early ages, Metz has been one of the largest town in Eastern France, a large Roman centre, and an independent city during the Middle Ages; capital of Austrasia for 300 years. Metz, called city of light, resounds with ancient history. Cultures and civilisations left their successive imprints in the golden stone from Jaumont. Metz is also a city of gardens and water with 4.5 km2 of public parks. Weather is usually sunny and mild in June.

The city of Metz - where the poet Paul Verlaine was born - takes legitimate pride in its brilliant past, with unique illustrations of French, Germanic and Italian architecture to be discovered between the sides of river Moselle and Colline Sainte-Croix or between Place Saint-Louis and the German Gate...

Metz has so much to offer with its wealth of monuments dating back to Roman, medieval, Renaissance, classical times. The city and its suburbs (total population: 230,000) has preserved a remarkable balance between extensive parks and gardens, lively business and trade activities and a buoyant cultural life.

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