Conference Place
ARSENAL - Photo: Laszlo S. TOTH

L'ARSENAL 3 avenue Ney, F-57000 METZ France

L'ARSENAL - Photo: Christian LEGAY

Concert Hall: Plenary sessions & Concert
Entrance Hall: Coffee break

Bar « Esplanade »

Lecture room « Esplanade »

Hall « Gouverneur »: Exhibitions

Hall « Orangerie »: Lunches & Poster session

Concert Hall - Plenary sessions - Virtual Tour

Grande Salle
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Arsenal in Metz

The Arsenal is located on the western edge of the pedestrian area of Metz, along the Esplanade and gardens near the parking Republic. Being in the heart of the city center, shops are in 2 minutes walk, train station-area 5 minutes, Pompidou Center 7 minutes. Restaurants and hotels are in immediate vicinity of the Arsenal.

Plan Arsenal