IUTAM Symposium on

Materials and interfaces under

high strain rate and large deformation
June 17-21, 2013, Metz, France

Organized by University of Lorraine / LEM3, Metz, France and
The Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne/ENAC/LSMS, Lausanne, Switzerland
Important Dates
Participation to this IUTAM Symposium is only by invitation.
Before registration, please contact Sébastien MERCIER sebastien.mercier@univ-lorraine.fr.

The scope of this symposium is to characterize and model the response of materials and interfaces under the extreme conditions encountered in rapid events such as impacts, explosions, high-speed phenomena or in large-deformation operations such as forming. In many of these problems the mechanical response of the bulk materials as well as the behaviour of material interfaces are intimately related. Physical mechanisms that govern the response span length scales ranging from the nano-scale to the level of structures. Nano-scratching offers a challenging example, where friction at the interface plays a major role while the work material undergoes large deformations or damage.

High strain rate and large deformation response of materials and interfaces will be addressed by different theoretical means based on phenomenological approaches, micro-mechanical models, atomistic and ab initio calculations. Without being exhaustive, topics related to the bulk material response and interfaces are: microstructure and interface evolution during deformation (texture evolution, phase transformation, bulk nano-structuration, shearing of asperities), dynamic damage, material inertia, occurrence of localisation and instabilities.

This IUTAM symposium will gather scientists involved in the mechanics of materials under high strain rate and intense deformation as well as in the characterization of interfaces. Problems where both aspects are embraced will be particularly debated. Lecturers will be selected in order to combine experimental, theoretical and numerical aspects. Particular attention will be paid to balance the number of presentations dedicated to theoretical developments with more applicative contributions. The symposium will promote exchanging ideas at the crossroad of disciplines, during a 5-day conference of intense discussions. It will bring together active scientists from around the world, with a balance between young promising and well-established scientists.

The symposium is also a special occasion to honour Professor Alain Molinari for his contribution to various fields of Mechanics.