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Maître de conférences - Département 1 MMSV

Téléphone : +33 (0)3-72-74-78-40 Bureau : 005-R+4 (LEM3)
E-mail : genevieve.mussot@univ-lorraine.fr

Derniers Articles (triés par Type puis Année)
  • G. Mussot-Hoinard, W. Elmay, L. Peltier, P. Laheurte, Fatigue performance evaluation of a Nickel-free titanium-based alloy for biomedical application - Effect of thermomechanical treatments, Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials, Volume 71, July 2017, Pages 32–42 ACL
  • G. Mussot-Hoinard, E. Patoor, A. Eberhardt, Influence of wire-drawing on the properties of a CuAlBe polycrystalline Shape Memory Alloy, Mater. Sci. Eng. A, 481-482 (2008) 538-541. ACL
  • G.MUSSOT-HOINARD, P. CHARBONNIER, P. LAHEURTE, The influence of short-time low-temperature thermal treatments on the fatigue performances of a large-deformed austenitic steel doped with nitrogen, ICMFM XIX, Porto, Portugal, 07-07 September, 2018 ACTI
  • P.M. Wasmer, G. Mussot-Hoinard, S. Berveiller, E. Patoor, A. Eberhardt, Kinetics of precipitation and mechanical behavior of CuAlBe single crystal drawn-wires, in ESOMAT 2009 - The 8th European Symposium on Martensitic Transformations, edited by P. Sittner, L. Heller and V. Paidar, published by EDP Sciences, 2009. ACTI
  • G. Mussot-Hoinard, E. Patoor, A. Eberhardt, Influence of resistance welding on the behaviour of a CuAlBe single crystalline shape memory alloys, ICOMAT 2008, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, June 30-July 4, 2008. ACTI