Annuaire du laboratoire LEM3
Fiche individuelle
LIU Xiaomeng

Doctorant - Département 2 IMPACT

Téléphone : +33 (0)3-72-74-78-60 Bureau : 022-R+3 (LEM3)
E-mail : xiaomeng.liu@univ-lorraine.fr

Thèse en cours au LEM3

Etude ab initio des alliages ferromagnétiques à mémoire de forme de type Ni2MnIn
Ab initio study of ferromagnetic shape memory alloys Ni2MnIn

Spécialité : Science des matériaux
Type de contrat : Cotutelle CHINE
Ecole doctorale : C2MP
Directeur : RAULOT Jean-Marc

Derniers Articles (triés par Type puis Année)
  • T. LIU, L. GERMAIN, J. TEIXEIRA, E. AEBY-GAUTIER, N. GEY, Hierarchical criteria to promote fast and selective αGB precipitation at β grain boundaries in β-metastable Ti-alloys, Acta Materialia 141 (2017) 97-108 ACL
  • X. Liu, Y. Zhang, B. Beausir, F. Liu, C. Esling, F. Yu, X. Zhao, L. Zuo, Twin-controlled growth of eutectic Si in unmodified and Sr-modified Al-12.7%Si alloys investigated by SEM/EBSD, Acta Mater., 97 (2015) 338-347. ACL
  • L. Li, Z. Li, Y. Zhang, C. Esling, H. Liu, Z. Zhao, Q. Zhu, Y. Zuo, J. Cui, Crystallographic effect of a high magnetic field on a solidified hypoeutectic Zn-Al alloy, J. Appl. Cryst., 47 (2014) 606-612. ACL
  • D. DAVYDOV, E. VOYIATZIS, G. CHATZIGEORGIOU, S. LIU, P. STEINMANN, M. C. BÖHM, F. MÜLLER-PLATHE, Size Effects in a Silica-Polysterene Nanocomposite: Molecular Dynamics and Surface-enhanced Continuum Approaches, Soft Mater., 12 (2014) S142-S151. ACL
  • Y. D. Liu, Y. D. Zhang, Y. Ren, T. Albert, L. Zuo, In-Situ Annealing Study of Transformation of alpha and gamma Texture of Interstitial-Free Steel Sheet by High-Energy X-Ray Diffraction, Journal of Iron and Steel Research International, 20 (2013) 38-41.
  • Y Liu, K .Yu, H. Hu, S. Belouettar , M. Potier-Ferry, Y. Koutsawa, A new Fourier−related double scale analysis for instability phenomena in sandwich structures, International Journal of Solids and Structures, 49, pp 3077-3088, 2012 ACL
  • X. Liu, T. Hammad, N. Saiyouri, M. Hattab, 2012. Physical chemical analysis of marine sediment cementation from the Gulf of Guinea. C. R. Geoscience. 344 (2012), N°9, 461-470. ACL
  • Q. Z. He, H. Hu, S. Belouettar, G. Giunta, K. Yu, Y. Liu, F. Biscani, E. Carrera, M. Potier-Ferry, Multi-scale Modelling of Sandwich Structures Using Hierarchical Kinematics, Composite Structures, 93 (2011) 2375-2383. ACL
  • X.F. BI, G. LIST, G. SUTTER, A. MOLINARI, Y.X. LIU, Crater Wear Modeling in Conventional Speed Machining, Advanced Materials Research, 97-101 (2010) 1891-1894. ACL
  • X.F. Bi, G. List, Y.X. Liu, Calculation of Material Flow in Orthogonal Cutting by Using Streamline Model, Key Engineering Materials 407-408 (2009) 490-493. ACL
  • X.F. BI, G. LIST, G. SUTTER, A. MOLINARI, Y.X. LIU, Determination of Chip Velocity Field in Metal Cutting, Applied Mechanics and Materials, 16-19 (2009) 471-474. ACL
  • T. LIU, L. GERMAIN, J. TEIXEIRA, E. AEBY-GAUTIER, N. GEY, Criteria for fast and selective α precipitation at β grain boundaries in Ti-alloys- Consequence for in-service microstructures, TITANIUM Conference, Proceedings,  Nantes FRANCE, juin, 2019 ACTI
  • X. F. Bi, G. Sutter, G. List, Y. X. Liu, Influence of Chip Curl on Tool-chip Contact Length in High Speed Machining, Mater. Sci. Forum, 626-627 (2009) 71-74. ACTI