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JRAD Wassim

Doctorant - Département 1 MMSV

Téléphone : +33 (0)3-72-74-78-05 Bureau : 019-R+4 (LEM3)
E-mail : wassim.jrad@univ-lorraine.fr

Thèse soutenue au LEM3

Dynamic behavior of thin-walled beams: Analytical, numerical and experimental approaches

Spécialité : Science des matériaux
Type de contrat : Co-tutelle Université libanaise LIBAN
Ecole doctorale : C2MP
Directeur : MOHRI Foudil ; Co-encadrant(s) : DAYA El Mostapha - AL HAJJAR JIHAD
Date de soutenance : 2019-12-05

Derniers Articles (triés par Type puis Année)
  • G. Girard, M. Jrad, S. Bahi, M. Martiny, S. Mercier, L. Bodin, D. Nevo, S. DareysExperimental and numerical characterization of thin woven composites used in printed circuit boards for high frequency applications, March 2018,Composite Structures 193, DOI: 10.1016/j.compstruct.2018.03.037 ACL
  • S. Gupta, V. Taupin, C. Fressengeas, M. Jrad, Geometrically nonlinear field fracture mechanics and crack nucleation, Application to strain localization fields in Al-Cu-Li aerospace alloys, Materials 11, 498 (2018). ACL
  • G. Robin, N. Mathieu, M. Jrad, E.M. Daya, F. Choquart, The effect of the geometric parameters of the corrugation shape on the vibration analysis of 3D structured beams, Mechanics Research Communications, Volume 84, 2017, Pages 65-71. ACL
  • G. Le Coz, M. Jrad, P. Laheurte, D. Dudzinski : Analysis of local cutting edge geometry on temperature distribution and surface integrity when dry drilling of aeronautical alloys ;  The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology (2017) ACL
  • G. Robin, M. Jrad, N. Mathieu, A. Daouadji, E.M. Daya, Vibration analysis of corrugated beams: The effects of temperature and corrugation shape, Mechanics Research Communications, 71, (2016),1-6, ACL
  • A. Daouadji, M. Jrad, G. Robin, A. Brara, E.M. Daya, Phase transformation states of loose and dense granular materials under proportional strain loading,Journal of Engineering Mechanics,,,C4016007,2016,American Society of Civil Engineers ACL
  • M. Hamdaoui, G. Robin, M. Jrad, E.M. Daya. Optimal design of frequency dependent three-layered rectangular composite beams for low mass and high damping, Composite Structures, 120, (2015) 174-182 ACL
  • S. MSOLLI, H. BADREDDINE, C. LABERGERE, M. MARTINY, G. ROBIN, M. JRAD, K. SAANOUNI, F. CHOQUART, Experimental characterization and numerical prediction of ductile damage in forming of AA1050-O sheets, International Journal of Mechanical Sciences., 99 (2015) 262-273.
  • Mohamed Hamdaoui, Guillaume Robin, Mohamad Jrad, El Mostafa Daya, Optimal design of frequency-dependent three-layered rectangular composite beams for low mass and high damping, Volume 120, February 2015, Pages 174-182, Composite Structures. ACL
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