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Derniers Articles (triés par Type puis Année)
  • P. Didier, B. Piotrowski, M. Fischer, P. Laheurte : Mechanical stability of custom-made implants: Numerical study of anatomical device and low elastic Young's modulus alloy ; Materials Science and Engineering: C 2017 ACL
  • M. Fischer, P. Laheurte,  P. Acquier, D. Joguet, L. Peltier, T. Petithory, K. Anselme, P. Mille : Synthesis and characterization of Ti-27.5Nb alloy made by CLAD® additive manufacturing process for biomedical applications ; Materials Science and Engineering C, Volume 75, 1 June 2017, Pages 341–348 ACL
  • M. Fischer, D. Joguet, L. Peltier, P. Laheurte: In situ elaboration of a binary Ti-26Nb alloy by selective laser melting of elemental titanium and niobium mixed powders; Materials Science and Engineering C, 2016, Accepted ACL
  • M. Fischer, P. Mille,J. Krier, H. Pelletier, P. Laheurte ; Finite Element Analysis and Characterization of a New Low Modulus Titanium Alloy Used in Two THA Designs ; 21 St congress of the european society of biomechanics, 2015, Prague, Republique Tchèque. ACTI
  • M. Fischer, D. Joguet, L. Peltier, P. Laheurte ; In situ titanium alloy elaborated by selective laser melting of Ti and Nb mixed13th World Conference on Titanium,2015, Sand Diego, Californie ACTI
  • M. Fischer, L. Peltier, D. Boisselier, P. Acquier, P. Laheurte : Characterization of direct laser deposited low modulus Ti-26Nb alloy on Ti-6Al-4V for biomedical applications, International congress on applications of laser and electro-optics, 2015, Atlanta, USA. ACTI