Final Program is available

For the participants who intend to submit an abstract for oral presentation, we kindly ask you to submit the abstract before March 12, 2015.

For the participants who intend to share the common lunch on Friday March 20, the registration to the symposium has to be received before Thursday March 12, because the lunch has to be ordered at the student restaurant by March 12. Thank you for your cooperation.

The meetings are scheduled to gather French, German, Belgian, Dutch, Polish colleagues. The meeting “Texture and Anisotropy” 2015 is organized under the auspices of the Laboratory of Excellence LABEX DAMAS (Prof. Laszlo Toth, Director).

The main theme of the meeting will be part of the theme of LABEX: textures and microstructures as a tool for new materials with improved performance to meet many environmental challenges such as weight reduction, the economy of raw materials and the extension of the lifespan of parts. In particular, functional materials offer promising perspectives in this optimization strategy.

The announcement of the school can be found on the website of the “Texture and Anisotropy” Committee of the SF2M: http://sf2m.asso.fr/CommissionsThematiques/texture.htm


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